Welcome to the Guild

Panther Skull (Panthron), first established this Guild for Close Friends & Family that are fans of Star Wars and/or the love of playing Games. After playing the Game for some time it hasĀ been decidedĀ to expand the Guild. If you are now a member of this Guild you have agreed that you are here for the love of the Game not anything else. Please have fun, play nice with all members, and enjoy the Game!!! This site and guild has now been expanded to include those who are passionate about DC Comics and love to play DC Online. If you wish to show your love for Star Wars or DC Comics please click on the “Guild Registration” link above. This guild now includes a forum for players to share information, thoughts and tips. A “Team Speak” server has been established to allow members to use voice chat during group game play. Once your registration is complete you will be sent the “Team Speak Information”.